Another Strela 3017 Sekonda

This one feature a high brand dial, certainly older than the other one, which is in totally mint conditions.

This watch has a story: when I won the auction on Ebay for my other black Strela , I had the surprise of finding 2 of them in the box! With a very nice note from the seller...

Of course, it was not working properly as the setting lever spring was broken and more over, the spirale was damaged, resulting in a watch running too fast by 1 hour a day. It's been repaired with an horrible franken Strela (my first purchase!), hence the bridge with a cyrillic "19 kamnei"... Now, it works great!

I set out below, the pic of the poor Molnya and the original mechanism of the Sekonda...

I think I will probably sell both... to finance new acquisitions! Notably a white Strela.


  1. Well, I'll be dashed! I just clicked "buy it now" on this strela on the 'bay! At least I did not mistake US$ for Euros this time sssshhh don't mention the subject :-/
    Looking forward to its arrival, I will give it a good home. Ralf aka DolleDolf on watchuseek and dolle-dolf on ebay.


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